Shahyad is a Singer/Music Producer/Composer. His career at the mere age of 5 when he first learned the piano. At 8 years old, he moved to Europe to continue his education there. For this purpose, he chose the field of Computer Engineering in Industrial Equipment. However, he never separated from his passion for Music. Alongside his studies, he enrolled in a Music Academy where he studied classical music for 4 years. The very first-time Shahyad entered the stage was when he was 13 years old. This was an experience he will cherish for the rest of his life. An "unforgettable memory" is what Shahyad calls it. Shahyad has had the opportunity to work with many talented Persian singers and Middle Eastern singers. he is a composer for many of them. He currently has 5 albums In Your Name, Memories of You, For You (4U), Sefareshi, and Ba Ejazeh, which are available in Iranian stores around the world. Shahyad is dedicated to fans, loves them very much, and is working hard on new songs and albums. When asked what motivates him, "my fans, their love, and our harmony" was his reply. Shahyad was nominated for producing and arranging & singing his single "Bi To Hargez" featuring Emrah (A famous Turkish Singer) in Turkey in 2006. It became number one on every Radio station and tv channel and The song " Ashkim " with the famous Turkish singer Petek Dincoz, was Nominated as the best duet song of 2019 in turkey.